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"Provide assistance and reassurance with administrative and financial procedures which are not familiar to me."
Julia S, 10th January 2022


We are a team of helpful tax, estate and financial planning experts, here to listen, understand your needs and circumstances and make all aspects of dealing with your finances simple, straightforward and effective.

Established in 1898 by Thomas Fry, The Fry Group carved out a business by helping British expatriates recover tax. Thomas passed away in 1910, leaving the business to his brother Wilfred. We continue to adopt the core business values and principles established by our founders over 120 years ago.

From eight offices across the world, our award winning team of experts help thousands of individuals with all aspects of tax, estate and financial planning – from the completion of UK annual Tax Returns and the setting up of a valid UK Will to dealing with complex tax mitigation structures and designing a range of investment portfolios.

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