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All-inclusive Working Feedback Solution
£15 per month
£50 per month
£75 per month
No set up fee
£300 set up fee
£300-600 set up fee
No Minimum Contract (30 Day Notice Period)
Higher Online Ranking on Most Recommended
Website, Email & Phone Contact Links on your profile
Company Description, Logo and Photos on your profile
Leave a review Feature on your profile
All reviews read and verified by a human being before being posted
Customer support online and telephone
Email, SMS text & online feedback collection methods
Public Right to Reply feature for all your reviews
Compliance and feedback reports (on demand)
Verified Reviews posted directly to your website
Automatically posts to your Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and Twitter
Eligibility for Most Recommended Awards
Secure Dashboard Access for full account management
Professional reply paid feedback forms included (P&P applies)
Tailor your own online questions for customers
Cross-selling option that includes all your services within review request
Integrates with your own software, CRM or CMS system (limitations apply)
Dedicated account manager
1,000 branded and reply paid physical printed feedback forms (designed and delivered)